The patient is eligible for a DMMR is they fit one of the following:

  • Taking five or more medicines,
  • Have been recently discharged from hospital after an unplanned admission in the previous four weeks,
  • Have had a significant change to medication regimen in the past three months
  • Have changed in medical condition or abilities (including falls, cognition, physical function)
  • ANY Prescription of medicine with a narrow therapeutic index or requiring therapeutic monitoring eg: digoxin, warfarin
  • Presentation of symptoms suggestive of an adverse drug reaction
  • Sub-therapeutic response to therapy
  • Suspected non-compliance or problems with managing medication-related devices
  • Risk of, or inability to continue managing own medicines due to changes in dexterity, confusion or impaired vision.
  • Other: doctor finds it clinically appropriate (eg: has a chronic medical condition and not met their therapeutic goals)